Beshkov and Altmaier. Fragments of a Friendship 1934-1955

Beshkov and Altmaier. Fragments of a Friendship 1934-1955

Продуктов номер: 7097

Автор: Мария Овчарова
Категория: Български мемоари и биографии | Световни мемоари и биографии
Издателство: Български бестселър
Състояние: Нова книга
83 страници
твърди корици
Първо издание: 2006
Народност: българска

BESHKOV and ALTMAIER is a documentary about the dramatic friendship between two elevated in terms of intellect, morals and spirit creators. In the spring of 1934 the exiled from Nazi Germany journalist of Jewish extraction, Jacob Altmaier and Bulgarian painter and cartoonist Ilia Beshkov, forced to leave his native country met in Belgrade. Democratic Europe stiffens in fear of the ever growing power of the dictator¬ships. The intellectual elites of the world stand against the aggression. Beshkov and Altmaier are part of that global civil community. In the wake of the WWII we find Altmaier in Bonn, an MP in the Bundestag, while Beshkov is a professor at the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts. Locked in two systems at enmity, the two friends are separated for good.

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