Icons from Melnik and the Melnic Region

Icons from Melnik and the Melnic Region

Продуктов номер: 11843

Автор: Георги Геров
Категория: Изобразително изкуство
Издателство: Арс милениум МММ | Пенсофт
Състояние: Нова книга
180 страници
твърди корици
Първо издание: 2007
Народност: българска
Преводач: Красимир Кабакчиев/Krasimir Kabakciev

The book deals with icon painting in one of the regions of Bulgaria that is among the richest in Eastern Orthodox art monuments. Included in the book are 39 works of art from the period between the 15th and the 19th century. In their entirety, these outline a certain evolution, illustrating at the same time the thematic variety and the abundance of style trends in a five-year period. Every icon-painting work of art is accompanied by a infoed description, including all captions - Slavic and Greek.

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