John Atanasoff - The Father of the Computer

John Atanasoff - The Father of the Computer

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Автор: Димитър Шишков
Категория: Точни науки, техника
Издателство: Тангра ТанНакРа
Състояние: Нова книга
ISBN: 9549942244
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Първо издание: първо издание, 2001 год.
Народност: българска

The aim of the book is to overcome the 50-year-long distortion of the history of the computer revolution. Even today, in certain reference literature, Bulgarian publications included, authors continue to refer to Mauchly and Eckert as the actual inventors of the computer. The Bulgarian scientific community has undertaken the task of restoring the historic event of John Atanasoff’s fundamental contribution to computer technology.

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