Bulgarian diplomatic review, 2007/broi 1-2

Bulgarian diplomatic review, 2007/брой 1-2

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Първо издание: 2007
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Let's Talk Constructively The eternal recurrence of the things of life is most often termed in philosophy as the spiral of development. At the close of 2007, looking at the world, the geopolitical processes, the current hot and cold clashes and oppositions of powers and interests, can we discover any recurrence of processes and phenomena, which mankind has gone through and accumulated as development? In September this year the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso called on us to stop talking about each other and start talking with one another. On another occasion, Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia in his speech at the autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg also appealed for dialogue: "We should know our own religious traditions but also have a notion of other religions' traditions, as this provides a foundation for peaceful coexistence..."Today there is a "break between human rights and morality, and this break threatens the European civilization," His Holiness said. "We can see it in a new generation of rights that contradict morality, and in the attempts to justify immoral doings with human rights." Moral norms and morals are not inborn, they are cultivated and built up by the family, society and above all by the teachers, who are those who first open the way to knowledge for us. Even in the oldest monuments in India - the basic texts of Brahman literature, it says: "In the beginning it was the master, he had disciples, the master had the sacred knowledge and he transmit-ted this sacred knowledge to his disciples, and they in turn transmitted it to their disciples, their disciples to their own disciples..." We have more familiar monuments of this continuity of the primary and accumulated knowledge - the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Koran, the Bible... - created and copied from hand to hand to an extraordinarily rich categorial system, which became faith, preser-ving the logos, so that we could say: "In the beginning was the word". Not because God created for himself reason, speech and breath, but because the logos is the greatest weapon of humankind. Who should teach us how to speak correctly, constructively? Who will open the surrounding world for us? Who will show us there are others with whom we have to learn to live together and safeguard our common home, the planet Earth?... Where are they, the teachers, what are they teaching us and what is happening to them? Juliana Tomova Publisher and Editor-in-chief